Why Healthy Fundraising?


Fundraising is an activity that can be undertaken by almost anyone. We regularly see them run by schools, sports teams, bands, and church communities, even by individuals with causes close to their hearts.

Participating in, or running of a successful fundraising campaign can be an invaluable opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and experience, contribute to stronger communities as well as generating the money needed to affect those causes.

But fundraising also provides us with a wonderful chance to exercise our ability to make smarter, healthier lifestyle choices. We can flex those decision-making muscles to steer ourselves towards improving our well-being! That’s something we all need to do these days – for both our children, and ourselves.

It’s so easy to run a fundraiser with chocolates, cookie dough or pies, but the ramifications of that decision linger on much longer than the fundraiser itself. This is especially true when children are involved in the fundraising process. Should we be teaching them that it’s ok to purchase and consume products that are detrimental to their lifestyle and health – even though there are better options out there to choose from?

There are, however, fundraising options (such as Flower Power Fundraising) that not only eliminate the consumption of saturated fats and high sugar foods, but also have a great impact on the environment. Think about it.

Make the choice to have a healthy fundraiser.

It will be an opportunity to:

  • Make money for your cause, while promoting a healthy environment.
  • Provide positive role modeling to the community and its children.
  • Encourage someone else’s decision to make smarter choices that go beyond short-term gratification.
  • Align yourself with your values, even if it’s through a simple fundraiser.
  • Be a good citizen by unifying your group’s efforts towards our planet’s well-being.



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