The Bleeding Heart


The rose has always been considered the greatest symbol of love. But the bleeding heart flower is quickly catching up. One look at the heart shape blossoms and you will know why. Because of their shape they are almost exclusively considered as a symbol of undying love.

Bleeding hearts are native to regions of North America and eastern Asia. They generally reach 2 to 3 feet in both height and width. Their thick, arching stems contain long divided leaves that are dark green with faintly red veins. The flowers hang like pendants from the stems, where they form the very distinctive heart. Then, the bottom of the heart curls outwards exposing the inner petals.

bleeding hearts 2
The bleeding heart flower is at the center of many tales, because of its one of a kind shape. One such story is about a prince who tries to win the heart of a beautiful maiden by giving her presents. The maiden refuses the prince time and time again despite his efforts, so he pierces himself through the heart.

The bleeding heart flower also has medicinal properties, or so it is believed. It is said that the essence of a bleeding heart invigorates the heart chakra, which causes a person to feel emotionally calm and open to opportunities of new love.

These flowers are also used in love spells. One spell that we know of includes braiding the flowers into your hair, lighting a white candle to honor the goddess of love, and reading a poem. The outcome

The bleeding hearts are not common like other blooms, but you can find them at Flower Power Fundraising in the Spring fundraising catalog!



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