The verdict is in!


Flower Power Fundraising

Through the many PTO, PTA  and other shows we are attending across the country ,we  are very fortunate to meet a lot of people whom have conducted fundraisers with Flower Power.

Our question is always “How did your fundraiser do?” and the answer is always an iteration of “Amazing!”.

This pleases us to no end and makes us even prouder of belonging to a company that supports people fighting for very worthy causes all over the united states everyday. Whether it’s a school fundraising for supplies or new band equipment or a church raising funds to support people in need, or even individuals who were raising funds to support medical research or their own personal worthy cause, it’s always great to hear how they were able to fulfill their goal through Flower Power.

Our next question is usually ‘what did you like about fundraising with Flower Power?’

Without hesitation, the first answer is ” It’s so easy!’.

And it is.

With Flower Power Fundraising, you can ship the product bought by your supporters straight to their homes! This eliminates the sorting, the mistakes, the distribution or pick up dates … It really eliminates the source of the headache of any fundraiser.

Everyone of your supporters will receive their product delivered to their door step just in time for planting. This has a wonderful side effect. By having the product delivered to your supporters, there are no restrictions on who can support your fundraiser. It doesn’t just have to be your community! You can invite friends and family from out of state. Grandparents can support their grandchildren, friends far and wide can support your cause. The potential for your fundraiser becomes huge.

We also heard feedback about how unique, earth friendly and healthy the fundraiser is compared to the other fundraisers. It is a new idea where everyone wins. Fundraising with flowers allows you to create those priceless moments every season with your kids and grand kids, at home or at a community garden. Not only does does it provide you with the tangible benefits of being out door, opportunity to exercise, fresh produce, beautiful flowers and the regeneration of our planet, but it also fosters communication , builds strong relationships and offers a great opportunity to work towards a common goal. It’s also a great way  to introduce planting to kids which develops their skills in patience and delayed gratification.

We listened to a multitude of positive comments about Flower Power Fundraising, some of which are :  the program offers 50% profit margin which increases their profit potential. They love that there is an online option where they can personalize a landing page in 15 mins and send it to their supporters, whom can buy online right away, giving them around the clock  access to their supporters, and no geographical limitations. (Find out more about the benefits of our online fundraiser) They also spoke highly of our customer service team who is always there for any questions..

There are also other elements that we think make Flower Power Fundraising truly great, like the range of products we offer, so much to choose from, from flowers to vegetables and beyond. Free Supplies shipped free to your door step which include a beautiful catalog that makes it irresistible for your supporters to say no to. No minimum orders. no upfront costs, all products are guaranteed just to name a few!

Try Flower Power Fundraising this spring and find out how easy, fun, and gratifying fundraising with flowers can be! You literally have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Happy Fundraising!








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