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Want to keep your team motivated?


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We tackled the issue of whether incentives add to the success of a fundraiser back in this December blog, and our opinion was that it did in fact play a role and is beneficial on so many levels. Today we have compiled some great ideas to help you show your appreciation to your team and keep them motivated throughout your fundraiser.

1. No-Money Reward

Rewards with no cash value are proven motivators and provide great entertainment. A few examples include:

Pie Throwing: Allow the participants to throw cream pies at the organizers’ faces if the goal is reached! (you might not like this one but it usually gets the money raised)

pie in the

Camp Out: Have the principal camp out on the roof of the school or the group leader(s) camp out somewhere awkward if the goal is achieved. Set an even bigger goal to extend the number of days they must camp out there.

Activity of Choice: Let your group have an activity of their choice that replaces their normal schedule (for example: a free afternoon of sports activities in the school yard instead of class).

2.Raffles And Prize Draws

For each small goal attained (ex. for every 10 products sold or for every $100 in sales reached) the participant gets their name put in the raffle for various goodies! The more they sell, the more times they can have their name put in the raffle and the more chances they have to win.

3. Grand Prize For Your Top Seller

Reward your top seller with a Grand Prize. It may be movie tickets, cash or anything else that inspires your group members. Don’t get carried away and offer something your group can’t afford.

4. Rewards For Top Class or Team

This is a great way to motivate team work in your group. If you’re a small group, you can create teams by putting your members in groups of twos, threes or fours. If you’re a school you can do it by class and if you’re a league simply do it by team. You can offer the best selling group a free pizza party, a field trip outing to the place of their choice… ask them what they’d like. Try an ice cream social, everybody likes ice cream!

kids eating ice cream


5. Completion Prizes For Individuals

Offering individual completion prizes is very effective because they motivate and reward everyone in your organization. Offer a completion gift once your member raises a certain amount. For example: Receive $5 cash for every $100 of product sold. If your goal is a big one, completion prizes may be a gift certificate to a music, video, book, or sports store.

6. Reward Your Early Birds

This is a great way to help move your fundraiser along. You can offer early bird prizes to the first, second and third person who reaches a specific objective by a certain deadline. For example: if you run a fundraiser for 3 months, you can say the first three people that generate $500 in sales or more by the end of the first month will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Before you know it, your team will be Fundraising Superstars, continuously looking to raise the bar to achieve their Fundraising Goals.


Team work



Are you ready to be a Hero?

Be a hero2

Fundraising is an important aspect of engaging children in civic minded activities from a young age. It creates awareness in a young person that they are part of a bigger picture. When they are raising funds for people in need or even their own school, it teaches them to appreciate what they have and to understand that they have the ability, even at a young age, to help others. This position entails a certain amount of responsibility and also self empowerment. It transforms the way they perceive themselves and allows them to do more and be more.
It is a fact that children who participate in civic or public service from a young age are more likely to carry on with that type of work into adulthood. On the other hand, if young people are being helped by others who are doing fundraising for a cause that affects them, they understand that there are people who care about them outside of their immediate circle. This can help them to have a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which can lead to better life choices overall.

Though there are many benefits to fundraising, most people do not like to fundraise. Most think raising funds is hard, frustrating, bad for the environment and our children and sometimes even dangerous. This is not true if you are fundraising with Flower Power.

Fundraising with Flower Power is easy. You can reach your friends and family through a catalog fundraiser, an online fundraiser or both! And because we ship directly to the supporters, you can invite anyone/anywhere to participate in your fundraiser. This takes out the work involved in fundraising. You wouldn’t have to sort or distribute the products. You wouldn’t have to schedule pick up dates or handle supporter complaints, we will take care of that for you.

Fundraising with Flower Power alleviates any frustrations that come with fundraising. We have made our fundraising process as streamlined as possible and as simple as possible. All the hiccups that come with a regular fundraiser are eliminated. We also have expert customer service that can help with any questions and concerns. Whether it’s about setting up your fundraiser or even questions about planting, they are there happy to assist you every step of the way.

Fundraising with Flower Power is good for the environment and our children, because you are fundraising with earth friendly products namely, bulbs and seeds, of the highest quality. In fact, it helps rejuvenate the earth and helps us (adults and children) connect to our environment, allows us to fight childhood obesity and promotes physical activity.
Fundraising with Flower Power is safe. With many people now not opting to go door to door in their communities, we have included an online fundraiser that takes 15 minutes to set up and allows you to invite as many people as possible to support you anywhere in the U.S . It also allows you to post your fundraiser on Facebook for more exposure.

With all these advantages and the 50% profit you earn from every sale, the decision to fundraise with Flower Power becomes easy.

Let us help you reach your goals.
Let us help your children be Heroes for those around them.
Let us help you fundraise!


School Gardens

Thinking about building a garden for your school? Great idea! The benefits of adding a school garden are numerous and profound! Some of those include changing eating habits, improving test scores, connecting children to the environment, helping fight childhood obesity, promoting physical activity and changing attitudes towards learning.
All in all, school gardens are a great opportunity for fun and physical activity while serving as an important educational tool to help students understand how healthy food is produced.

School garden learning

Our first Lady Michelle Obama has been on a mission to encourage everyone to raise healthier children. One of the action steps she recommends is a school garden that would support all the goals that ‘Lets Move‘ campaign is trying to accomplish.

School garden-Michelle Obama


We couldn’t agree more. And with Flower Power you will not only have the bulbs and seeds to build your school garden, you will raise funds for school projects in the process as well!
Flower Power offers 50% profit on every sale you make! And the products are 100% guaranteed!

Flower Power has two programs, the Fall program, which we are currently in, offers ‘Spring Blooming Bulbs’ which you plant in the fall and see blooming in the spring. In the Spring program we offer ‘Summer blooming Bulbs’ and vegetables. From Tomatoes, radishes and lettuce to cucumbers, onions and beets! We also have green beans , carrots, zucchini and squash. For the fruit lovers we offer red strawberries and white strawberries. We also offer seed mixes that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which can be a great topic of discussion with school children.

As you can see, it’s a ‘win-win’ situation, you build your school garden and raise funds for other projects at the same time.

Don’t forget to check out this checklist for building a school garden.

For more information on Flower Power Fundraising go to http://www.flowerpowerfundraising.com or call us at 1-888-833-1486

If you would like to get started and order Sales Supplies for your fundraiser, click here.

If you would like to build an online fundraiser, click here.

Happy Fundraising and Planting!

Why Healthy Fundraising?


Fundraising is an activity that can be undertaken by almost anyone. We regularly see them run by schools, sports teams, bands, and church communities, even by individuals with causes close to their hearts.

Participating in, or running of a successful fundraising campaign can be an invaluable opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and experience, contribute to stronger communities as well as generating the money needed to affect those causes.

But fundraising also provides us with a wonderful chance to exercise our ability to make smarter, healthier lifestyle choices. We can flex those decision-making muscles to steer ourselves towards improving our well-being! That’s something we all need to do these days – for both our children, and ourselves.

It’s so easy to run a fundraiser with chocolates, cookie dough or pies, but the ramifications of that decision linger on much longer than the fundraiser itself. This is especially true when children are involved in the fundraising process. Should we be teaching them that it’s ok to purchase and consume products that are detrimental to their lifestyle and health – even though there are better options out there to choose from?

There are, however, fundraising options (such as Flower Power Fundraising) that not only eliminate the consumption of saturated fats and high sugar foods, but also have a great impact on the environment. Think about it.

Make the choice to have a healthy fundraiser.

It will be an opportunity to:

  • Make money for your cause, while promoting a healthy environment.
  • Provide positive role modeling to the community and its children.
  • Encourage someone else’s decision to make smarter choices that go beyond short-term gratification.
  • Align yourself with your values, even if it’s through a simple fundraiser.
  • Be a good citizen by unifying your group’s efforts towards our planet’s well-being.


Fundraising with Flowers

Fundraising with Flowers

An idea that works very well.

It is simple, easy to run and oh so rewarding.

The benefits are 3 fold:

  • Raising funds for your cause in the simplest means,
  • The satisfaction that comes from planting bulbs in the ground and helping mother nature,
  • The glory of watching your bulbs bloom!

Lets talk about what running a Flower Bulb Fundraiser entails.

All you really need are a few good friends, 3 or 4 should do it, but the more the merrier.

Once you have that in place, then running a bulb fundraiser is a piece of cake…

To run an online program all you need to do is set up an account and customize your special landing page. We have an easy-to-use email system and Facebook utility that allows you to invite friends and family members so they can make their purchases online. No more going door to door! Its as simple as sending an email!

For a flat $5 shipping fee per delivery address, Flower Power will ship any order directly to your supporter! No matter how much they purchase! So you don’t have to distribute the bulbs yourself.

You’ll receive your profit checks monthly once shipping begins.

It is all tracked and easy to see on your account.

We’ll walk you through every step of setup ensuring you have your easiest, most successful fundraising event ever!

  • You earn 50% profit on every sale,
  • a 100% money-back guarantee,
  • and our pledge to deliver the best quality bulbs available.

Our tips to encourage your friends to participate, provide a sales incentive. Announce cool prizes to offer as incentives for the best sellers.

All you have to do to get the ball rolling with your fundraiser, is decide. Decide you want to run a fundraiser, add your friends names and we’ll take care of the rest!

Click here to get your Flower Power Fundraising account up and running!